August 23, 2013

goodbye gracie, i love you gracie

This is our last day with Gracie. Tomorrow, we're going to have a sleepover with our friend, and she's gonna take the cats because we're moving to Texas.  And Scout is going to go to the same home too.  

July 31, 2013

photography post

What I learned:

  1. Now I know how to change the focal point.
  2. The focal point should go on their eye.
  3. The ring thing will also change how blurry the object is.
  4. Press the star button to focus without the ring.
  5. To use the flash on the camera, you push the lightning button.
  6. To check the picture you just took, press the button that looks like when you want to watch something.

Remember, kids' noses don't come off . . . Moyer

June 10, 2013

drums & cymbals

I tell both of my sisters which drum to hit.  At the beginning, usually I tell them to hit the base drum.  For Marilla the base drum is the round, empty container to her right.  For me and Keturah, it is the square, clear boxes.  My base drum is at my left.  Keturah's base drum is in the middle.

The big mess in the middle of the floor is our drums.  For me, I have twenty drums.   For Marilla, she has nine drums.  For Keturah she has ten drums.  The drums are kitchen toys.  We have metal ones, plastic ones, pots and pans, plates and bowls, and we use for sticks the long gray K'nex.

At the end of the blog post (the bottom of it) is a video!

The end.
Remember, kids' noses don't come off . . . Moyer

May 9, 2013

thistle & peach post

The green thingies that Nan-nan is holding I think are peaches.  They looked like peaches on the inside.  Because my friend named Benjamin stomped on one and Hudson and Sam said that that was a sign of a peach.

The purple flowers that Keturah was holding are called thistles.  Once, I pressed thistles and dandelions.  The dandelions, they started to change to the fluffy stuff that you blow off the flower.  The thistles were a little flat.

Remember, kids' noses don't come off . . . Moyer

May 3, 2013

how to make peanut butter

This post is gonna tell you how to make peanut butter.

First, you take raw peanuts and roast them in a wok.  And then, you put them in a spice grinder.

You grind them and then while they're in the grinder, you put a touch of sesame oil in the grinder.  You keep grinding until it looks like peanut butter.

And then you put them in a jar.  You put the cover on.  And that's it of how to make peanut butter.

This is what the peanut butter looks like.  It tastes good.

Remember, kids' noses don't come off . . . Moyer

car ship

A car ship is something that carries cars and people on the sea.  I made my car ship out of blocks, and our toy cars I put on it.

Now I'm going to tell you about the details of it.  The sails are triangle blocks on top of the door things that are luggage.  The sails are these things that are on the side too, and they look like big triangles.  They are two triangles put together.

Some of the luggage has these triangle things that go down at the edges.

Some of the cars that we put on the ship were race cars.  One of those race cars was a big race car.  Me and my sister, Keturah, put them on with our hands.  The big race car we pretended it was 'the King,' and one of the race cars was also another 'King' that wasn't the big race car.  It was in the movie called "Lightning McQueen."  One of the cars on the ship we pretended it was Lightning McQueen.

Remember, kids' noses don't come off . . . Moyer

January 15, 2013

bird nests

We saw this tree with two bird nests on it.  We were going to the gas trip to get gas.  Aunt Kendra was with us.

Remember, kids' noses don't come off . . . Moyer